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pembroke welsh corgi and brown dog running between grasses
pembroke welsh corgi and brown dog running between grasses
a brown dog sitting on top of a sandy beach

The Spa Experience Your Babies Deserve...

Professional grooming services for our furry friends


Why BLU?

This cute little boy is Blu. He was the most adorable baby in our miniature schnauzer breeding family. He is even more fluffy and calm than the pictures show him to be. We gave him to a loving family friend to take care of him, but we still miss him so much. We decided to name our pet grooming store BluPetSpa in remembrance of him.


Our customers are your babies. We aim to help them feel stylish, loved, and refreshed. As such, we have made our professional grooming more affordable so they can receive the continual relaxed spa experience they deserve. If your baby feels happy, confident and loved after our care, then we have accomplished our mission.

Experienced Pet Care

Focused on Quality, not Quantity

With over ten years of dog experience, we provide professional grooming and care services for your pets. We will treat your babies as our own with love.